Welcome to, the official website of Polish photographer Barbara Czartoryska. Barbara Czartoryska is a famous photographer from Warsaw (or Warszawa), Poland. She also goes by the name Basia and has produced a lot of pictures over the years. Her theme is usually fashion (whether outdoors or in studio) and her subjects are gorgeous female models such as Aleksandra Rogowska, Lenka Gubikova, Anna J., Kasia Struss, Martyna Wojciechowska, Kamila Filipcikova and more.

Throughout her career, Basia has photographed several fashion and beauty spreads and editorials for various publications such as Twoj Styl magazine in Poland. As a shutterbug in this kind of industry, she has also rubbed elbows with famous fashion personalities and stylists such as Marta Kalinowska and more. Basia has also set foot on various places for photo-shoot locations such as Cambodia, Bali in Indonesia, Spain, Los Angeles and more.

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